About Us

David Workman, Owner

David Workman, Owner

The Flat Rock Village Bakery was founded in 2001 by Scott Unfried, as a small brick oven bakery producing a few varieties of sourdough breads.  Scott quickly grew the business as customers loved the artisan breads, and after a few years the bakery was serving coffee, scones, and wood-fired pizzas.  In 2005 David Workman became a partner with Scott and we opened West 1st Wood-fired, a full service wood-fired restaurant in downtown Hendersonville. The business continued to grow at both locations as our customers responded well to our hand-crafted food at both our locations.  In 2011 we opened a second retail bakery location in Fletcher and used this space to help ease some of the production constraints of our two original locations. Today Scott manages the West 1st Wood-fired location, and David oversees the two Village Bakery locations.

The two Village Bakery locations offer similar offerings in two very different settings.  Flat Rock is home to our massive brick-oven where we bake our artisan, organic breads daily as well as wood-fired pizzas.  The pizzas, breads, and outdoor seating make the historic Flat Rock location a long standing customer favorite. At our Fletcher Village Bakery location we have recently added space and seating and a full lunch menu.  Both locations offer our amazing artisanal pastries, coffee and espresso, and a versatile breakfast and lunch menu.

Our original Flat Rock Village Bakery location has long stood out as a dining destination for its large variety of offerings where everything is made from scratch with the best ingredients possible.  We have faithful customers who come for our pastries, coffee, sandwiches, brick-oven breads, soups, or wood-fired pizzas. Some come for all of these things. Our food is hand-made, wholesome, organic, and is served in a funky hole-in-the wall in a historic Flat Rock N.C. setting.

In Fletcher we are building our customer base by offering all the same food (except the pizzas) and with the addition of specialty cakes and desserts under the guidance of Kirsten Hatch.  Kirsten brings her management and pastry skills to our Fletcher location and is the force behind our growing cake business. Her cakes are a work of skill and beauty.

Our Mission

The mission of the Flat Rock Village Bakery and Fletcher Village Bakery is to improve our community by producing from scratch foods with the most local and organic ingredients possible. And to offer these foods at both our locations in a friendly and welcoming environment where we provide an opportunity for our customers to meet other people in the community. We enjoy making the food we serve and we want our customers to know that when they dine with us they are choosing a fresh, healthy, and local place to eat.

Our Local Producers

  • Hickory Nut Gap Farm - Pork

  • Pitch Pine Farm - Vegetables

  • Farm to Home Milk - Milk, Cream

  • Imladris Farm - Jam

  • Holly Spring Farm - Tomatoes

  • Lusty Monk Mustard - Mustard

  • Counter Culture - Coffee

  • Stepp Farms - Berries

  • Deep Woods Mushrooms - Mushrooms

  • Deerwood Farms - Eggs

Memberships / Partnerships

We are members of Carolina Ground, a cooperative of WNC bakeries bringing organic wheat production to North Carolina, and milling it at our mill in Asheville.